Former Councilman Pohlmann Makes His Feeling's Known….


Bob Pohlmann says:

The Koch brothers and the far right wing tea party movement are similar to the Nazi Party. They want total control, no unions, no middle class, and a 2 class system, those as the ultra rich, and those of the ultra poor. They will stop at nothing to control the American landscape. Their brand will never be successful at the political level. The tea party morons have been defeated time and again at all political levels. They have shown some success, examples of Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, but basically they are an embarrassment to the mainstream Republican Party.
The good news is that it seems most Americans understand what the Koch brothers stand for and their ilk will never be elected to the White House. In fact I believe Bachman knows she will not be re-elected so she is bailing out. Cruz and Rubio are one term senators.
On to the union issue and the importance of unions. I have always been supportive of unions, and have been a member of unions. Unions have helped create the middle class and given Americans the opportunity to live a comfortable life and send their kids to college. Unions over the years have been somewhat over zealous at times but for the most part have been reasonable in giving back benefits after years of ridiculous contracts. Not always true here in Port Orange though. The auto industry is a good example of cooperation between unions and share holders. It helped save the American auto industry.

On the other hand, people like the Koch brothers and Mitt Romney are examples of greed and corruption and without any conscience, have cheated the American government out of paying their fair share of taxes and out sourced jobs to China. They are as un-American as anyone in this country. Americans understand this so they will never be successful.
Controlling the press is an issue that I would be concerned with in certain parts of America. Take for example Rupert Murdoch. He controls the shallow Fox News and numerous newspapers but he cannot get his puppets elected both in America and abroad. Big market areas and cities have more educated voters. Rural America is where I would be concerned with mind control. Look at what trash our local News-Journal has become. Totally biased in their reporting. There are too many intelligent voters in America to be concerned with a new world order. Intelligence is the antithesis of what the tea party is and what the Koch brothers stand for.
Bob Pohlmann


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