While Bob Ford Was Out Of Town, Hanky-Panky Returned to City Hall

On Jun 2, 2013, at 4:55 PM, “Ford, Bob” <bford@port-orange.org> wrote:

I was surprised on my return, to hear that the Audit and Budget Advisory Board’s implementation has been delayed. It is crucial that this advisory body begin functioning as soon as possible.  They can play a crucial role in assisting council in responding to the recently released Forensic Consultation.
The advice of the Audit and Budget Advisory Board is particularly needed given that the Forensic Consultation Report raises more questions than it answers.  The Forensic Consultation report is light on policy specifics and does not prepare a road map for council to address the numerous problems that this consultation uncovered. The report was noticeably deficient in proposing solutions and specific policy initiatives.
I will propose that the Audit and Budget Advisory Board meet with the consultants and work with them to provide an action plan for council, so once and for all, we can address and put behind us this unhappy episode. Why time is of the essence, is that this report suggests that some of the poor practices of the past, continue to date. It is important that our financial practices be reformed as soon as possible before further harm occurs to our tax and rate payers.
I would appreciate if you would ask the Mayor to put on the agenda of Tuesday night’s meeting, the second reading of the expansion of the committee and a vote if it passes, on the two additional members. We have waited far too long to resolve these issues. It is time to move forward.  If you can’t get it on the agenda, I will ask a second council member in public at the meeting to also request the agenda change (an alternative way of placing items on the meeting agenda).
Appreciate any assistance you may provide.
Best, Bob Ford


3 thoughts on “While Bob Ford Was Out Of Town, Hanky-Panky Returned to City Hall

  • June 3, 2013 at 9:53 am

    Glad to hear you returned safely. I don’t know that the Audit and Finance Advisory Board has been delayed. The Mayor made his nomination on the 28th. On Friday Robin was working with the Board members on available dates. I plan to announce the first meeting on Tuesday. The amended ordinance cannot be presented for second reading until June 18th to meet the ten (10) day advertising requirements.
    I have asked Wayne Saunders to develop an action plan to address the issues contained in the Forensic review. He gave me this Friday afternoon. I read it over the weekend and plan to release it to Mayor and City Council tomorrow morning. Several of the issues have been addressed already and most can be resolved by September 30th. The only issue that requires more time is the rate study to simplify the rate tables. I would recommend that Carr Riggs review the plan to make sure it addresses the issues. I would also recommend that they confirm that the issues are completed.
    In addition to the Forensic review we have the external auditors looking at internal controls. You will see that report on the 18th.
    I agree with you we need to resolve these issues as soon as possible and move forward.
    Carr Riggs will be prepared to brief you on the forensic review after the golf board meeting on Tuesday.
    Greg Kisela

  • June 4, 2013 at 9:33 am

    My big fear is that councilman Ford will get feed up and quit the council then the residents are screwed we will lose all checks and balance on the council

  • June 12, 2013 at 9:38 am

    Don’t worry about Councilman Ford getting fed up he has bigger aspirations. What you are seeing now is a man starting to maneuver himself to bigger things.
    If you have any question about that look at others who started at Port Orange and moved up. Jim Ward, and Dorthy Hukill are the ones that comes to mind right now. I’m not saying it is a bad thing but I do see a pattern forming.
    When you see people starting to go on record like Bob is doing on this website you know that there is something more out there. He might bypass mayor altogether and head straight to the County Council or Florida House.
    I might be wrong but the pattern is there.


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