Is a Property Tax Increase In Our Future?

From Ted Noftall,
Did the Mayor and Council just get smoked by the Property Appraiser or what !!!
Back on the 3rd I asked Council if they had given the Manager the green light to be counting on increased property tax revenues from other than new construction that is to say from existing properties  in Port Orange  resulting from an increase in assessed values on those existing properties.
Now un-expectantly not one of those gentleman answered that question, AND now the Property Appraiser has smoked them out.
BECAUSE if Council  leaves  the millage rate un-changed existing property owners will end up paying more property tax this year than last due  to an increase in property values of 1.95% according to preliminary figures released by the Property Appraiser.
Property tax is a fundamentally inequitable lien on ones property that must be paid annually. Its inequity is s evidenced by patch after patch that has been applied for homesteaders, seniors, veterans, low income and on and on. It represses the very attribute that has raised our standard of living for generations….increased capital investment.
In the past several months voters, including voters in Port Orange  have rejected increased property tax for the school system in  Volusia and Flagler County. They did so because they realize governments must reduce the amounts they are spending …..not find new ways to tax and spend even more.
So  Allen, Bob, Dennis, Don and Drew…….Is there a property tax increase in our future as your Manager’s projections are assuming or not ???
Ted Noftall


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