The Buddy deal is only good for Buddy


Palmetto Pal <>
6:40 pm

Kudos to councilman Ford for pointing out that the up-stairs meeting room was selected to keep the latest  Buddy give-a-way attempt as far away from the public as possible,  and  for pointing out that this latest deal brokered by Manager Kisela is anything but  a good deal for city residents.
Does the manager  really believe that residents are gullible enough to believe him when he says that  Buddys  decision to not exercise an overpriced land purchase option that is set to expire shortly anyway  is a good deal for residents,
or that they will be too stupid to notice that while  the 15 foot board walk to be constructed at taxpayer expense won’t make much of a park it will make a wonderful promenade for Buddys  exclusive seafood  restaurant.
It will take 3 councilmen to make  this obscene give-a-way a reality.  Buddy likely has councilman Burnette’s vote  and the Mayor can still likely deliver Councilman Kennedy’s but that is only two as the Mayor won’t be voting on this or any other Buddy deal because of un-disclosed conflicts of interest.
That means this all comes down to councilman Bastain,  and I cringe to think what he has been promised for his vote, and more importantly if those promises did the trick.
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