Ted Noftall
9:03 AM (2 hours ago)

to gkisela, Mayor, Donna, don, Dennis, Drew, Bob, Wayne

If I understood the Mayor correctly at last evening’s CRA discussion about giving TIF revenue to Buddy Lacour   I believe he agreed to chair a meeting between you myself and Donna to work on my application to also receive TIF revenues created at my  Oak Heights Industrial Park development.
The procedures established in this meeting will prove to be a valuable road map for all developers within the Eastport and Town Center CRA’s to apply for the TIF they are or will be  generating  also.
Oak Heights which  started a little before you arrived  consisted of an approximate 8 acre tract of woods at  what was then the blighted  end of Oak Place. In fact you could say the blight I purchased that was the very  reason the Eastport CRA was established to begin with.
I cleared that site and installed  utilities, street lights, curbs,  gutters and  master storm water retention….exactly as you see in the Eastport Business Park without the $5 million  taxpayer subsidy that park received.  Today Oak Heights has 2 Office/Warehouses 100% occupied  employing nearly 40 individuals many of whom are Port Orange residents.  At build out Oak Heights will have 5 such Office/ Warehouses.
Oak Heights  Court itself has been called one of the prettiest roads into a business park anywhere particularly this time of year with  the magnolias  in full bloom. When I drive in I am reminded of the drive at 12 Oaks in Gone with the Wind.  That beauty also extends to the rear of my property which adjoins the railway tracks   and while not many freight engineers likely appreciate the $100,000 landscape investment City codes required at Oak Heights  I feel confident that will not be the case when passenger traffic is re-established.
I am also pleased to be able to say that not a dime of taxpayer subsidy was requested, received or needed to construct Oak Heights…..but that should not be held against my development, AND  everyone can  use a bump in their bottom line.  I know you must feel that way otherwise you would not be planning on giving an across the board raise to 300+ of Port Orange’s finest who work for you.
I am also pleased that Councilman Ford said on several occasions last evening that he would be pleased to “ incentivize  worthwhile projects “.   I sure hope he will consider Oak Heights  which turned a $200,000 assessed patch of dirt  into,  at build-out,  what will be 5 Office/Warehouses assessed in excess of $5,000,000 and employing 100 individuals ……..  all without a dime of taxpayer subsidy to be such a worthwhile project.
Late afternoon meetings  work best for me however I will make myself available any time convenient to you all.
Ted Noftall
Oak Heights Industrial Park
700 Oak Heights Court
Port Orange  Fl  32127


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