Scott effectively blocks Orange County sick pay vote

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. —Gov. Rick Scott has effectively blocked a public vote on earned sick pay in Orange County.
Scott signed a bill that will prevent local governments from establishing sick pay laws, putting the state in charge of any sick pay legislation.
Scott sided with Darden Restaurants and Walt Disney World — two major companies that had lobbied local lawmakers to opposed earned sick pay.
David Simmons , the bill’s Senate sponsor, says Scott made the right decision for Orange County.
“It says that cities and counties are not able to create their own patchwork or regulations dealing with telling businesses what kind of sick leave policies what type of employee benefits they can use in the administration of their businesses,” Simmons said.
The group Organize Now opposed the bill — they just released a statement.
“The fight for earned sick time will continue. Floridians believe in earned sick time for hardworking families and we don’t give up when we believe in something,” it read.
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