Daytona Beach firefighter accused of shooting at,…

A Daytona Beach firefighter, who is also a member of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club, is accused of threatening to kill his girlfriend and then brutally attacking her.
Daytona Beach fire Lt. Brad Dyess is facing serious charges after his girlfriend, Shirley Lomeo, said he attacked her.
According to the report, Dyess grabbed Lomeo by the throat and slammed her on his couch, pistol whipped her, fired a shot near her head and threatened to kill her.
“It’s quite astonishing to hear something like that and to know that are people out there willing to do something like that,” said resident Ruby Goss.
The victim said Dyess is a member of the Warlock Motorcycle Club. He is one of the survivors in a biker-related shooting that happened last year at the Winter Springs VFW in which multiple people were killed.
After the shooting, Dyess remained on the fire department.
Fire officials said they were aware of the shooting but didn’t know Dyess’ level of involvement. They also said firefighters belong to a variety of organizations, but they can’t be disciplined unless they’re caught breaking the law or violating department policies.
Some residents disagree, saying the department should have been suspicious after the VFW shooting.
“There should have been some kind of investigation with that,” said resident Ed Light.
“Firefighters are known to be supportive people and help you out and that’s kind of the opposite of what you think,” said Goss.
Fire officials said the suspect has been suspended with pay pending an investigation
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