Game Plan Changed: Near by Road Change: Hmm?

By: hank |
June 21 2013 23:52
… .But Councilman Bob Ford, joined by Drew Bastian, voted against sending the request for a land-use change to the state until the council reviewed details about the development.
“How do I vote on a land-use change on a plan I haven’t seen? The cart is ahead of the horse. I don’t know what they’re going to do out there. I’m hearing a lot of conceptual things,” Ford said, adding, “We are talking about changing the whole character of that end of Port Orange.”
But David Haas, development director for ICI Homes, said the project already fits into the more structured designations of the current comprehensive land-use plan. He said the company only wants added flexibility that a mixed-use designation would provide since the proposed alignment of Williamson Boulevard had changed.
“Our plans are essentially done. We’re not going to change anything,” he said. “We’re not going to change where apartments will go or where commercial will go or any of those things.”
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One Response to Game Plan Changed: Near by Road Change: Hmm?

hank says:
I would be interested in learning why the plans for the road have been changed.
Yes, I am always skeptical. Suspicious. Speculative. A negative nerd, I am, I am.


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