It was hard seeing people drive away from her when she really needed help …

Port Orange Carjacking Victim Interview ….

…“They were saying things to me that I don’t want to repeat,” Matous said. “I knew they were trying to intimidate me even more, as if they needed to.”
She said instead of taking out money at the ATM as the robbers had ordered her to do when they arrived at the bank, she grabbed her car keys and ran.
While Matous ran up to a woman’s car and asked for help, she was shot in the legs.
Police said the bullet entered and exited one leg and then hit her other leg.
Matous said the woman and another person whose car she ran up to for help drove away.
She said it was hard seeing people drive away from her when she really needed help.
“Maybe they didn’t know what to do,” Matous said.
Matous made it into a nearby McDonald’s where she said the people inside graciously helped her….
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Port Orange, Fla. — 6/11/2013
Police are searching for two men who they said kidnapped a woman from her apartment complex Monday morning and forced her to take cash from a bank.
When 22-year-old Rebecca Matous tried to escape, they shot her in the leg, police said.
Police said the robbery occurred early Monday morning at Chase Bank on Nova Road in Volusia County.
Police said Matous was snatched off the street at random.
Matous had just returned home to Countryside Apartments in Daytona Beach after buying cigarettes at a nearby Walmart.
Matous said two men with handguns approached her white Lexus and then jumped into the car.
She said they held her at gunpoint and forced her to drive to a Port Orange Chase bank and said they planned to force her to withdraw cash.
When they got to the bank, she grabbed the keys, tried to run to a nearby McDonald’s for help, and one of the men opened fire and shot her.
Matous is at Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach and said she is very shaken and was in fear for her life.
“I just didn’t want to die,” Matous said. “I just prayed. If I just give them anything they want. Anything they wanted, I’d do. Don’t shoot me. I just didn’t want to die.”
A bullet went through one of her legs and into her other leg.
She said she doesn’t know how long she’ll be in the hospital, but said when she gets out, she’ll probably move back to Seattle. She’s said she’s only lived in Daytona Beach for four months.
The man who heard her scream for help, Mark Mendoza, told WFTV he called 911.
“I didn’t think it would happen, at least over here in a busy part of town. (I’m) just glad I called and actually heard something,” said Mendoza.
So far, police have not said if they captured anyone or if they have suspects in the case
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