Drug Dealing & Prostitution in Port Orange, Have We Lost Control?

Drug Dealing & Prostitution in Port Orange,  Have We Lost Control in Some of Our Neighborhoods ?  ………


“Bob Ford” <bford@port-orange.org>
To:  “Allen Green” <AllenG@port-orange.org> “Dennis Kennedy” <DennisK@port-orange.org> “Gerald Monaghan” <gmonaghan@port-orange.org> “Don Burnette” <dburnette@port-orange.org> “Drew Bastian” <dbastian@port-orange.org>
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I share your concerns. My neighbors along Halifax, Riverside, and on Ridgewood are experiencing similar problems. As you are probably aware, as your district councilman, I have been calling for a greater police presence along the Ridgewood corridor including in the neighborhoods to the east and west of Ridgewood for the past two years. (On Halifax Drive for the first time we have had apparent solicitation for prostitution as well as drug sales.) My calls have resulted in some intermittent increases in police personnel, but clearly not sufficient to address the problem. The problem may not be limited to our neighborhoods, in the past couple of weeks along Nova and Dunlawton, Port Orange has experienced a number of disturbing armed robberies.
Tomorrow, I will be forwarding to the City Manager a suggestive action plan to address with current and future staffing the problem your neighborhood and areas to the North have been facing. At future council meetings, I will be working with the City Manager and the Police Department to develop strategies to address the serious problems that have been seeing in recent weeks.
Councilman Ford


Sent: Wednesday, June 26, 2013 7:42 PM

Subject: Re: drug dealing on E Bayshore

Yes, I have also noticed these people in our neighborhood, the 2 house on the corner of Magnolia and Bayshore are heavily involved in the drug scene.  I have been woken up in the early morning hours (1-2am) on multiple occasions with these crazy people wandering the street, fighting, and driving their cars recklessly (up to 70mph).  This is getting out of control and someone is going to get really hurt by trying to interfere.
 I have already called the police because one of these people went down the street at over 60mph and when I said something to him he pulled a fire arm on me. I am really upset with these changes over the past 2 years and really wish the City of Port Orange would recognize that there is a serious problem here.  With all of the recent home invasions and thefts within the past 6 months, I have had to take extra precautions in order to protect my family and my home.
 I have also witnessed one of these neighbors moving about 10 potted marijuana plants  (about 6ft tall) to the woods across from Famous Phillies restaurant between the house on US1 and Bayshore drive. Hopefully someone can help us get this trash out of our neighborhood.

aka:  Port Orange Resident

Sent: Wednesday, June 26, 2013 7:24 PM
Subject: Fw: drug dealing on E Bayshore


The drug dealing I witnessed in the following email took place approx. 7:15 in the evening…Lately it has become frightening around here AFTER dark with the “bicycle people/drug deals.”  You would have to be blind not to observe this. It is very obvious when the same cars pass around drugs/cash are exchanged through windows. The house next to PHILLIES with the rental truck in the driveway is questionable.  BOTH homes on the corner of E Magnolia and E Bayshore have recent jail releases for occupants.  This is a safety issue in our neighborhood.
We require additional patrols in this area.  I have never in the thirty years living in this neighborhood felt unsafe….now I do, with good reason.
Please help us with our attempt to keep our neighborhood safe from the drug dealers in plain sight on our street.

aka:  Port Orange Resident

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Sent: Friday, June 21, 2013 11:43 AM
Subject: drug dealing on E Bayshore


As I was walking Winnie (a ten minute stride on E Bayshore) I witnessed TWO drug deals!  One large older grey truck (looked like roofers) drove around the block twice ~~~ on the second trip around a young man with a large tattoo on his back, pants half off skateboarded up with his cell phone.  A minute later the truck approached, the tattoo man went up to the truck window and the deed was done.
He appeared to come from the MAGNOLIA AVE area.
The second was a fellow approx. 35 yrs of age on PALM AVE wandering around in his socks with his cell phone to his ear.  Same thing….a late model Gold Corolla, arrives while he is walking around with his cell…something goes through the window and off they drive.  I think the “sock” guy is in the house next to PHILLIES.  I have also seen the gold corolla…(NO NOT THE one I am driving!) make the same quick trips before….last time they were “looking for Teddy.”  I told them to go deal their crack elsewhere and they took off!
Just a FYI.
aka:  Port Orange Resident


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