State Attorney Report Details Wider Range of Involvement in Police Sex Scandal


Consensual and forced sexual acts are described.


The State Attorney’s Office report details allegations of sexual encounters between officers and crime analyst  Sue Eberle, 37. Eberle was been placed on paid leave. (PHOTO FROM FACEBOOOK)


Published: Friday, June 28, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.
Last Modified: Friday, June 28, 2013 at 5:15 a.m.


LAKELAND |    In addition to previously published accounts of police officers involved in an ongoing sex scandal investigation, there were others in a State Attorney’s Office report that reveal more allegations of sex acts, sexual harassment and inappropriate photographs.
The allegations include a Lakeland Police Department officer’s request to drink a woman’s urine, photos of an officer wearing women’s lingerie, requests for threesomes among a former assistant chief of police and two employees, fondling and various other sex acts.
The State Attorney’s Office’s report released earlier this week also details allegations of dozens of consensual and multiple forced sexual encounters between more than 20 LPD officers and city employees, and between officers and crime analyst Sue Eberle, 37, who was placed on paid leave as the investigation began. Her annual salary is $42,000.
Four LPD officers and one Lakeland Fire Department worker are on paid leave or modified duty as the city continues an internal investigation, according to city officials. More information on the investigation is on The Ledger’s website,
State Attorney’s investigators didn’t talk to certain members of the department and the city about some of the allegations made by Eberle, leaving those unanswered.
“We tried to focus on the active members of the police department (and city),” said Assistant State Attorney Brian Haas.
The allegations not pursued also were ones that didn’t include allegations of criminal acts, Haas said.
Allegations made by Eberle against current or former LPD officers and city employees who were not interviewed by the State Attorney’s Office include:

former Assistant Chief Charles Thompson

Eberle told investigators that before Thompson retired in 2012, former Assistant Chief Charles Thompson constantly made inappropriate sexual remarks about his body parts to her and talked about meeting for sex, the report said.

“He also made comments to her and (another crime analyst), which referenced having a ‘threesome’ with them,” the report said.
There were also two times when Eberle and Thompson were on an elevator at the department during which he kissed her on the mouth against her will, investigators said.
Eberle told investigators that although she wasn’t attracted to him, “She was prepared to have sex with him because he was in her chain of command. She was scared what would happen if she didn’t comply.”
Thompson, 66, was hired in 2004 and retired Jan. 1, 2012. At the time of his retirement, Thompson was paid $116,938, according to city records.
At his request, in 2012 Eberle sent nude photos of herself to LPD Sgt. Tony Lewis, who worked in the department’s traffic division, according to the report.
“Sgt. Lewis referred to the nude photos as ‘surprises,’?” the report said.
Lewis, 55, was hired in 1982 and retired this month during the investigation. He was paid $76,025 a year at the time of his retirement.
Officer Loretta Jackson told investigators that Eberle told her Officer Derek Gulledge had sex on duty with another woman, who did not work at LPD, the report said. He was also accused of having sex with a woman who was an LPD employee.
Officer Dan Jonas, the former gang liaison for the department, had exchanged nude photos and sexual text messages with Eberle between 2011 and 2013, she told investigators.
“She considered Jonas a ‘freak’ and wanted her to do strange things,” investigators wrote in the report. “On one occasion at work Jonas asked her to urinate in a cup so he could drink it.”
In another instance, Eberle asked Jonas to take a photo of himself wearing women’s underwear, which he did while on duty, the report said.
Jonas, 54, who retired in May amid the ongoing investigation, also sent other photos to Eberle of him wearing women’s lingerie that exposed his genitals, investigators noted in the report.
Eberle said Jonas kept his office door closed and watched porn on his personal computer and phone while on duty, the report said.
Eberle said she shared this information and the photos with her friend Jackson, who did not report the incidents to supervisors.
Despite the sexual nature of the photos and the talk between the two, Eberle said she never had sex with Jonas.
Jonas was hired in 1990 and made $63,969 at the time of his retirement.
Officer Ian Kendrick had numerous sexual encounters with Eberle while on duty, according to what Jackson, Eberle’s confidant, told investigators, the report said.
Eberle had forwarded Jackson two photos of Kendrick, one of him wearing see-through underwear and another of him masturbating, the report said.
Officer Will Long asked another female employee to come to his house for sex, according for the report, and said he had a prostitute bring food to his house for him, though it could have been a joke.
Long also would flirt with Eberle, but she said he made her nervous and she wouldn’t talk to him, the report said. However, Eberle’s confidant, Jackson, told investigators that Eberle told another officer that she had performed a sex act with Long.
In 2005 and 2006, Eberle and Officer Marcus Patterson, a firearms instructor, had an ongoing sexual relationship, the report said.
On one occasion, the pair met at the parking lot of Watson Clinic North during Eberle’s lunch break, the report said. While there, they got into her vehicle and Patterson performed a sex act on her while she rubbed him.
Eberle said Patterson was “very aggressive” and tried to get her to have sex with him at LPD’s training center, which she said they never did, the report said.
Eberle began to think Patterson was stalking her, and he went to her home and parked at the end of her driveway one day, the report said. She worried about her family and tried to distance herself from him.
In 2008 or 2009, Officer Adrian Rodriguez would stop by Eberle’s office and flirt with her, stare at her breasts and talk about sex, the report said.
While they never had sex, Rodriguez would often hug Eberle and touch her breasts, investigators reported.
Rodriguez, 39, was hired in 2003 and currently makes $54,709.
Eberle and Officer Kevin Shiver, who specialized in computer forensics and was based at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, had an ongoing sexual relationship while off duty shortly after she began working at LPD, the report said.
However, the two would send sexual text messages to each other while they were working, the report said, and at one point in 2006, Shiver tried to convince Eberle to have sex with him at one of the hangars at the airport. But Eberle didn’t because she was afraid of being caught.
Several years later, in 2012, Eberle’s son needed his laptop repaired and she asked Shiver for help, the report said. Shiver said he wouldn’t charge her for the cost of the part if she had sex with him.
“Eberle said she did not want to have sex with Shiver because he made her do things sexually that reminded her of the abuse she endured as a child,” investigators reported.
Eberle eventually paid for the part and got the computer, the report said.
Shiver, 51, was hired in 1987 and is currently paid $64,362 a year.
In 2006 or 2007, Eberle and Officer John Skjefte met while they were on duty at a bank in North Lakeland, the report said.
While at the bank, Eberle masturbated Skjefte in her car, the report said. On another occasion the two met while he was working at the airport, where they had sex in her car.
“He was in full uniform; however he pulled his pants down,” investigators reported.
Skjefte, 55, was hired in 1989 and retired in 2009. At the time of his retirement, he was paid $60,890 a year.
George Brooks was the city of Lakeland’s director of employee relations until his 2009 retirement, and the report said he often flirted with Eberle and asked her for sex. But they never had sex.
In one instance in 2004, Eberle reported she was in Brooks’ office with the door closed, the report said, and he pulled Eberle’s clothing down and exposed her pubic area.
“Brooks used scissors to cut some pubic hair from Eberle. He put the pubic hair in an envelope and told Eberle he wanted something to remember her by.”
Brooks, 67, was hired in 1999 and retired in 2009. At the time of his retirement, Brooks was paid $101,462 a year.
Jose Diez, who works in the information technology department at the city, was very flirtatious with Eberle and Tiffany Dwyer, who at the time was also an LPD analyst, and would often to talk to them at the department, the report said.
On multiple occasions, Diez told Eberle he wanted to have sex with her, and in 2012 tried to talk her into going into a closet at LPD for sex, the report said. But Eberle declined.
After Eberle turned him down, Diez pursued Dwyer, the report said, and Dwyer told Eberle that she and Diez had sexual contact at LPD while they were on duty.
Dwyer told investigators that Diez kissed her and put his hands on her breasts while they were in the third-floor break room at LPD, the report said. Dwyer left the department during the investigation.
Diez, 32, was hired in 2008 and is currently paid $45,240 a year.

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