A quite convversation between Mr kisela and his i-pad

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Mr Kisela was recently overheard having a quiet conversation with his i-pad.
I had no idea what I was getting into and now I am in over my head. I sure understand what councilman Ford meant  about always knowing when the former CM was lying. The lips moving thing.
Some  some time ago I started an employee  climate survey that has turned into  a pity party that I do not know how to end.   Every day I hear from stressed employees many who have never worked more than 3 or 4 hours a day since starting at the City complaining of their additional work load  and the auditors demands that they all start learning and doing new tasks.    Many have been telling  me they are  suffering from auditor fatigue.
There is less than 3 months left in this fiscal year and  I am not sure how many of these recommendations I can even  get too, or if IT and Finance staff will even cooperate with those recommendations. It is  like Belfast over there and  I do not want a repeat from earlier this year when the meter readers absolutely refused to read those  defective water meters.  That work stoppage is still ongoing but   thankfully it is still  being masked by the meter replacements despite that comment from my friends at CRI .
I am pleased that council has  not  told me we are  going to  roll-back millage.    Revenue from a property tax increase will be needed to keep up with those sick and vacation buybacks and give raises to all employees as pizza parties and that stupid Excellence In Financial Reporting Award  that we get for the finance staff every year is  not going to be enough to convince them they are loved considering just how critical the auditors have  been of their work product.
The Roger thing and the whole payroll theft situation keeps on expanding.  Not only were they getting paid for the same time twice they were padding their pensions to boot. If this ever  gets into the hands of law enforcement I have no idea where it will go.  Thankfully the council doesn’t want to get to the bottom of this any more than I do.
Turns out Stella and Rob have been getting the City’s temporary employees many of whom have been working in finance, from the former auditors son who is the account rep at Reliable staffing including the temp gal who told me she never shredded anything  important  in John’s office,    Talk about a coincidence.
The mayors old contractor buddies  have been stealing I mean diverting City fill dirt from our latest pond to their own job site while our favorite engineering firm looked the other  way or more likely never looked  at all.  I still haven’t been able to find anyone with the city who had any responsibility, plenty of deniability though.
Our secret solution to dump  polluted water into  a creek that runs into Spruce Creek rather than into the river is  not so secret any more,  and you don’t want to hear about the fire fighter with the broken leg that the idiots in  HR  fired by mistake.
Memo to self – need to update resume

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