Responsibility and All You Can Eat Dumpster Ribs



Ted Noftall
5:04 PM

to Hank, me, gkisela, Bob, Dennis, don, Drew, Mayor

Hank and Pat,

 By now I’ll bet just about everybody has seen the u-tube  All You Can Eat Dumpster Ribs Special   at the Port Orange Golden Corral. 

What they may not have seen buried in the  article was that the store manager was fired over the incident.  That’s right the manager was fired !!

Corporate management did not wait to prove that the manager put the ribs out in the dumpster, or if he instructed others to put the ribs out in the dumpster, or if he even knew where the dumpster was.   He was fired  because he was responsible and accountable for that store and placing  food in the dumpster during a health department inspection is  not acceptable.   Neither is payroll fraud !!

Too bad for that manager the City of Port Orange was not running the Golden Corral.  

If they were the City Manager would have had at least 3 pizza parties,  2 climate surveys , a month long pity party,  and an consultants report advising there was no way to know what had happened,  AND  if the poor dear ever left the City’s employ it would be with at least a $25,000 good-by check. 

Funny thing how Responsibility and Accountability exist in the private sector..…but not in Port  Orange government.

Hank Springer
5:33 PM

to Ted, me, gkisela, Bob, Dennis, don, Drew, Mayor

Ted,  you are absolutely correct.  I for one am getting very tired with the timid, slow response to all the unaccountability in the city of Port Orange. Not only tax payers’ money has been lost, heads have not rolled.  And for the interest of future discipline and a message to future city of Port Orange workers, there needs to be punishment and accountability put in play for what has happened.  The Port Orange city council needs to do more about all these recent discoveries, more than just being embarrassed. Who cares if they are embarrassed?  Some strictness has to be instituted in the workings of City Hall, and it needs to be started immediately. 

Not only money is involved in these embarrassments, but an atmosphere that all was well, is well, and will be well in Port Orange City Government.

To convince me that all will be well in Port Orange City government, I have to see that those who are accountable for gross mistakes and malfeasance, are made to pay a penalty, now, not just allowed to retire with all the benefits which perhaps they do not deserve.  For one, I think there should be criminal charges for those who allowed vacations without proper record keeping, and for those who took vacation time and then applied for money payback while lying that they did not take vacation time.  The auditors say that no substantial documentation can be found to charge individuals in stealing vacation time and money. Criminal law accepts circumstantial testimony, and  the fact that people conspired to hide the incrimination documentation is even more reason to seek a criminal determination.

Despite all the talk of being embarrassed in City Hall, I see nothing at all changing in regards to accountability for city workers.  Too many city workers have been allowed to leave, and or retire, without being held accountable before they left.  I am outraged at all the deals that have been made for the “We Are Family” crowd.

This new city manager is a pussy cat, and not who we need to affect a change in the attitude of city hall. And for the most part, this city council is like all the fore going city councils.  They are trying to smooth things over in order to return to more quiet times.  I do not think that is the way to take  your ship through a storm into calmer waters.   You have to hit the waves head on, and deal with them while they are before you.

Thank you Ted, for being around when we need someone like  you. 

Sincerely, hank springer


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