Nude woman knocks on door, says she was raped

DELAND, Fla. —A couple called 911 on Monday after a woman who claimed to be a rape victim showed up on their doorstep.
“There is a girl on my door screaming and crying she has been raped. I will not let her in. She’s banging on my door, but she is screaming and crying she’s been raped,” the caller said.
The woman said Juan Vera Soledad followed her at the Citgo Gas Station on Woodland Boulevard, forced her into his car at knifepoint and then raped her.
In the 911 call, the couple explained why they didn’t want to open the door.
“She is right in front of my door. She’s nude. She is nude, and we are dying to give her a blanket, but we just can’t. We are waiting for someone else to come,” the caller said. “I’m afraid to open the door.”
Deputies said Soledad was found with a prostitute in his car a short time later.
Soledad was charged with sexual battery with a deadly weapon and kidnapping
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