Budget Questions


Mr. Kisela, Mr. Sanders,
A few questions about the budget and taxes.

  • Am I understanding correctly that the budget as presented is +/- 600K more than would be anticipated from the roll back rate?
  • The proposal is to leave the rate the same gaining +/- 200K and to tap a reserve set aside during fire and police negotiations for the balance?
  • What is the total balance in that fund?
  • What mill rate would be required to fund the budget without using reserve cash to pay daily bills?
  • What would be the result if the council insisted on roll back and not using reserves? New Smyrna, I believe is facing running out of reserves and having to ask for a large tax increase ans looking at bonds to rebuild their city hall.
  • At the first workshop I received a draft CIP. I do not see where any of that is in the budget?  When will council and citizens have an opportunity to address these items?
  • Council and citizens have expressed concern for the need for better maintenance of city facilities, landscaping, walk lights, medians, soccer fields, ball fields, landscape and parks . How is this addressed? Is there funding to repair and provide better upkeep.

Thank You, Newton White



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