Geraldo: Al Sharpton And ‘Race Politics’ Forced Florida To Pursue ‘Weak’ Case Against Zimmerman

On Friday morning, Fox News Channel anchor Geraldo Rivera declared that George Zimmerman will be acquitted of the murder of Tryavon Martin. He said that the charges were brought against Zimmerman in the first place due to agitation from individuals like MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton only because of the racial element in the case.
Rivera opened the segment by saying that he was not surprised that the judge in the Zimmerman case allowed the jury to consider manslaughter charges because that is the only charge which may apply to the defendant.
“This was a case brought because of political pressure – race politics in this country – I hate to say it,” Rivera said. He added that he holds Sharpton in “higher regard” than most of his colleagues, but he does believe that the MSNBC host’s agitation was the “catalyst” behind Florida state attorney Angela Corey seeking a second degree murder conviction against Zimmerman.
“I believe the original prosecutor got it right – I think it is a self-defense situation,” Rivera added. He said that the prosecution’s “desperation” is apparent in their effort to have the jury consider a variety of lesser charges during deliberation. “They have zero chance of convicting this man on murder,” the Fox host continued.
Finally, Rivera said that the six female jury members will find that Zimmerman was justified in shooting Martin because they would have pulled the trigger in that situation faster than he did.

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