Fox Sports 1

More than baseball’s biggest stars will be on display during Tuesday’s All-Star Game at Citi Field. So will Fox’s resolve to challenge the king of sports television.
Get ready to be inundated with hype for Fox Sports 1, the network’s ambitious 24-hour sports channel that will debut Aug. 17. Fox will launch a month-long blitz with a 90-second promo extraordinaire at some point between innings of the Midsummer Classic.
That is a significant block of prime airtime, demonstrating Fox’s serious reach for the mountaintop of the cable and satellite sports pantheon. That elusive peak might as well be Everest with ESPN perched firmly on top.
“You could come out there and fight for second place with NBC Sports and CBS Sports and some of the other people in that position, or aim higher than that,” said Erik Arneson, a spokesman for Fox Sports. “The goal was not just to go out there to add another cable network. I think the intent obviously is to be the best at what we do.”
So Fox Sports 1 will signal its arrival with trumpets blaring. Even the hype is being hyped, with videos about the making of the introductory commercial already available on Fox Sports’ YouTube channel.


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