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Hank Springer
12:01 PM

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Good Saturday Afternoon Gentlemen and Helpful Daughter,

Yesterday I had a conversation with Mr. Kisela about presenting to the public,  accomplishments by the city in its efforts to reform and place new procedures in operations in city government. Although there are reports and a spread sheet delivered to the city council members, I have not thought that issues rectified are being clearly stated to the citizens of Port Orange. I thought that some kind of accomplishment list is needed to be established to offset discussions in city council meetings of all the issues that still have to be addressed and corrected. Mr. Kisela referred me to Ken Hooper’s report summary which will be presented to the city council, on July 23, 2013.  It has some of the exact items that I am looking for. 

I have started a new category on my web site,

The name of the new category is Reform In P.O. City Government

By clicking on my new category, the public will be able to see all of my postings referring to tasks completed by the city in its efforts to place new controls, procedures and policies in operational reform.

I will do my best to post reforms and new procedures as I come across them, but a better way to keep the public informed, and to show that the city is working hard to correct its problems, is for the city to start a list on its web site, as I have started on my web site.

If the city starts postings of such items on its web site, I of course will repeat the city’s list on my web site.

A special thanks to my daughter Linda whom I asked to help me out with handling PDF forms, which I have always had trouble working with, to copy specific sentences from a PDF form and paste into my web site.  She showed me how to work with PDF forms, and suggested that I might want to get a program to convert PDF forms into Microsoft word, so that I could more easily extract information out of a PDF form.  And that I did.  So now I understand how Ted Noftall can keep a treasury of important documents, and easily refer to them and repost segments of them in e mail messages, long after the initial posting of the original PDF documents.

Any thoughts or ideas please let me know.

To get an idea of what I think is needed for the citizens of Port Orange, see the following:


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