Special Gifts for a Select Few

from: Ted Noftall 6:35 PM
to Bob, Dennis, don, Drew, Mayor, Greg
Mayor and Council,
While the revised personnel projections have not been released which is curious in and of itself,   it is commonly understood that the ICMA Special Gifts  for Select Employees program  has been eliminated from the FY 2014 budget.
If that is accurate that only leaves the matter of how the current and prior year  un-authorized  contributions  to a select upper management few who found favor with the former Manager  are going to be handled.
As you know this program was offered to fewer than 30 employees out of 400   with the  former manager and his department heads being  the heavy hitters and with  lesser contributions for assistants heads  and select few others.
Accordingly I would ask:
1)  Is the City going to make an effort to recoup those un-authorized payments,     OR
2)  Are they going to be authorized retroactively  if such a maneuver can be accomplished legally,  AND if so how is the matter of inherent fairness  to the 90 plus percent of  employees who were excluded from this special gift program  going to be addressed ???


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