Police officer resigns, had nude pictures on her computer

A sex scandal involving a local police sergeant, and naked pictures.
News 13 has learned Daytona Beach Sergeant Penny Dane resigned earlier this month after an investigation found she had naked pictures of herself on her department-issued computer.
The police chief says there were also pictures showing her partially clothed – in her uniform.
The pictures were discovered during an internal investigation, which started after Dane filed a complaint against another officer.
She wasn’t fired, but Chief Mike Chitwood says the case has been turned over to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
“She’s lost her, forfeited her right to be a police officer,” Chitwood said. “We’ll be going after her license so that she can never become a cop again. Never be a cop anywhere in the state of Florida.”
Chitwood says that he never heard anything like this case in his 26 years of policing.
Sergeant Dane had been with the Daytona Beach police department since 1996.
She is the mother of two young girls.
via Police officer resigns, had nude pictures on her computer

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