Kind Words for Port Orange

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GregKiselaThank you for your kind words.  Port Orange is blessed with employees who care deeply about the City.  I am pleased with the progress we have made over the past several months.  The Mayor and City Council has been very supportive in resolving any issues that have been identified.  Over the past 45 days we have completed the forensic review and  the external and payroll audits.  These reviews and audits will help us improve our operation.   I have not seen anything that cannot be resolved in short order.
Thanks again for your support and I am thrilled that Port Orange has selected me to be your City Manager.
Greg Kisela
City Manager

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Sent: Monday, July 29, 2013 8:04 PM
To: Kisela, Greg
Cc: Green, Allen; Burnette, Don; Ford, Bob; Bastian, Drew; Kennedy, Dennis
Subject: Thank You and All City Employee’s
We would like to thank you for service, along with the service of all City of Port Orange employee’s.  It isn’t easy being you or them!
The city manager emails are very telling, and they tell that some in our fine city are pretty demanding with their requests and their comments.  Unfortunately, those emails also tell that every time a request is made for this document, that document, this budget, that budget, before it is finalized, the person requesting it is wasting the valuable time of a city employee.  It’s apparent that those who repeatedly request and demand are the same people who are wasting precious tax payer dollars! OUR TAX DOLLARS, as they aren’t the only ones that pay them.  They also don’t represent all of us!
Granted, those making the the constant requests probably have all good intentions.  But, it makes you wonder what their intentions really are when it’s repeatedly the same few people?  Based on the population of Port Orange, it’s a select few that are making the requests, and the same select few who are critics!  So, if the rest of us aren’t complaining and demanding it makes you wonder?
Again, we appreciate the fact that you accepted the position as our City Manager and we really like what we see so far!  You had a ton on your plate when you started and knew that when you applied!  To date you have done exceptional!
That’s it!  We know you receive a great deal of negative communications and we felt you deserved something positive for a change! Not all of us agree with the critiques!  We appreciate you and the entire staff!
Thanks for being there for us!
With kind regards,
The Kendrick’s


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