Do We Thank Mayor Allen Green?

From:”Hank Springer” <>
To:”Allen Green” <>
Good Weekend Mayor Green,
Are you the person who brought your longtime friend and business acquaintance, Buddy LaCour, to the tax payers of Port Orange, for the purposes of building a city park?
You are who you associate with, and I have suggested many times that you carry such baggage as an elected official for the tax payers of Port Orange.
Perhaps you went astray when you decided to consider tax payers as investors.  That sounds like construction terminology.
Tax payers are tax payers, and they foot the bill for the many financial mistakes which the city of Port Orange has made.
Now that Buddy LaCour goes his own way, perhaps there is no longer a need for you to oversee and contribute your input into the LaCour’s financial interests concerning the River Walk project.  You did your best for the “We Are Family “ crowd, for many years, and your best cost the taxpayers of Port Orange, a lot of money.  Perhaps you go now and retire, along with Parker, Shelley, Barnhart and Smith.
The taxpayers of Port Orange have received a nicely constructed city.  But it has cost the tax payers, and realtors, developers, construction businesses and the such have made huge profits, and probably got more from your vision of Port Orange, than the tax payers.  Did we all win and get our monies worth?  Perhaps that is debatable.
Transparency, accountability, and a fair share return for money spent is what Americans want now, all over the nation, and surprise, surprise, even in Port Orange.
The dinosaur idea that the city council of Port Orange is beyond reproach is no longer valid. The climate has changed, and the old guard in Port Orange City politics are not suited to deal with the new climate:  question everything, suspect, inspect, speculate, be vocal, blog, speak out, demand accountability and transparency.
We now have people who are willing and capable of replacing you.  They will inherit a façade which had turned out to be a carefully orchestrated opera, for the benefit of those who preferred to be entertained and swayed by the sweet melodies of “all is well” in the Port Orange City Council.
If it were and had been, it would have gone down in the history books as the most amazing, spectacular show of efficiency and integrity ever known in local politics.
Some of us were very skeptical of the theatrics being performed for our amusement at city council meetings, and asked for a more realistic presentation of what was going on in city politics.  When I asked for such, some years ago, I was told by a city councilman that he would never answer any of my questions.
And he proved my point.
Sincerely,   hank springer


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