GREG, Who Has Been Sitting On This For Eight Months??

Eight months ago, on Nov. 29, 2012 the City Manager sent the new Utility Bill proof to the City Council.   Who’s desk has this been sitting on since last November?   And who is trying to blame the delay on Pinnacle?   Did anyone at city hall contact Pinnacle in the last eight months?

Below is a copy of a blog post published on November 30, 2012

think-chimpThe new utility Invoice example may look pretty, BUT, Parker has got to get some new calendars. Take note of the “Service Period” 10/09/12 to 11/16/12 = 34 days.     I don’t think so; What do you think?

From: Rivera, Cynthia
To: City Council; Parker, Ken
Cc: Lewis, Shannon; Marino, Tony; Gurnee, Stella
Subject: Utility Bill Format
Date: Thursday, November 29, 2012 11:56:39 AM
Attachments: SKMBT_42312112912380.pdf
Please see attached sent on behalf of Ken Parker.
“Mayor and City Council:
This is an example of the new utility bill format. It will provide the customer with more [wrong] information. We are still working with the company on the line item arrangement. We want to transition from our current printer, PRIDE to the new company as soon as possible. We continue to have problems with PRIDE. Moving to this company should [may not] improve the quality of the billing.

Attached are proofs from Pinnacle that have been around since late last year. They look lovely.
Word on the street is that these proofs are stuck in Finance for lack of interest and priority.
Good luck getting the facts straight on this one.
Ted Noftall
Ps. That was a good one……telling Drew to feel the paper !!!

GregKiselaFrom: Kisela, Greg []
Sent: Friday, July 26, 2013 5:25 PM
To: City Council
Cc: Saunders, Wayne
Subject: Pride
To all: I misspoke on Tuesday night concerning the conversion from Pride to Pinnacle. Both Wayne and I thought the paper change signified the switch – unfortunately it doesn’t. Apparently we are having difficulties getting an acceptable proof from Pinnacle. Early next week I will get you an updated timeframe on the switch. I apologize for the incorrect information.
Greg Kisela
City Manager


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