Hard Rock Cafe Coming To Daytona Beach 2016

Google map of Lenox beach approach and the vacant lot where a Hard Rock Hotel and Hard Rock Cafe is proposed. Lenox Beach approach
According to Glenn Storch, an attorney for Bayshore Capital Inc., the owner of the Hard Rock land, the proposed plans would lead to a 375,000-square-foot development that includes a 30- to 33-story Hard Rock Hotel and a Hard Rock Café just north of that.
The six-story parking garage would be north of the café and the new beach approach would be north of the garage. The new 30 -33 story Hard Rock Hotel would have over 250 hotel rooms.
The huge commercial entity would be located on South Atlantic Avenue just south of Sun Splash Park on beachside near Lenox Avenue beach access ramp.
There’s conflicting interest from local Daytona Beach neighbors regarding increased traffic and loss of Lenox beach aprroach.
Most people including Daytona Beach real estate investors feel that it will fill up a vacant Daytona Beach lot that has been empty for too long and will help bring alot of business to Daytona Beachside.


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