FPL power outage over, lights back on for 110,000 in Port Orange Area

Port Orange
The lights are back on Friday morning in Port Orange after a late-night power outage that spanned several cities and impacted more than 110,000 Florida Power and Light customers.
Several viewers called our newsroom late Thursday night to report the outage, which FPL said spanned from Ormond Beach to Edgewater.
The power company said the outage hit around 11:30 p.m., but they were not immediately sure what caused the lights to go out.
A fire at an FP&L substation is believed to have been involved with the power outage.  The substation is located behind the Daytona Beach police department on Williamson Boulevard.  Several police officers were in the parking lot and were the first to report the blaze.  Whether the fire was the original cause of the outage or a contributing factor, will be determined by FP&L later Friday.
According to an FP&L representative, the majority of customers had power restored after an hour, while the other customers had power restored by 1 a.m. Friday.
At its peak, FPL said the outage affected about 110,000 homes.
Power was restored to all customers in about 2 hours, FPL said.

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