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RFP for Riverwalk-Port Orange FL.pdfFriends,
There is going to be a special meeting of the City Council and the Town Center CRA (River Walk) on Tuesday August 13 at 5:30 at city hall.
Recently the master developer Buddy LaCour as told council he intends to move ahead with development of the condos and retail restaurant and river boat (Captain Daddy’s Riverboat llc) and marina he is already allowed to build on his existing property. The plan would call for 2  fifteen story tall condos and the docked river boat (barge) he said a major name restaurant and other retail space with a marina.
I share this information from memory of the documents, news articles and conversations, and conclusions that can be drawn from it.
The vision of a continuous park walk way along the water front is gone and the public spaces will be split buy the condos in the center section. This is not the vision grand public space and recreation areas casual walk ways that are in all the drawings and plans from the past years.
PLEASE COME TO THE MEETING OR CONTACT THE COUNCIL and or MANAGER. No matter what you think is best to do going forward be heard or be quite when what you see happen displeases you.
This link takes you to the contact page for the city.

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