City Council candidate's campaign slogan signs turn heads

In a crowded field of candidates for Phoenix City Council, one candidate has taken an interesting campaign strategy to stick out.
His name is Austin Head and his campaign slogan is turning a lot of heads. As soon as his campaign signs go up, they seem to get stolen!
This is Head’s first campaign — he admits he’s up against stiff competition, candidates with name recognition and money — but his signs aren’t being stolen by fellow politicians playing dirty tricks, they’re being taken by potential voters with dirty minds.
Less than 24 hours after Head put his campaign signs up, they were being stolen.
“Now it’s up to at least a third, possibly half of them have been taken,” said Head.
Was he expecting that to happen? “I’m not necessarily surprised by it,” he replied.
Head says the slogan is nothing new.
The 29-year old has been using ‘I heart Head’ for the last 10 years as an event planner and DJ — now, it’s just being seen by a different audience.
“We thought hard about using this to see how sensitive it would be, otherwise I believe the constituents are smart enough to understand it’s a double entendre.. completely harmless,” explained Head.
“It certainly did make me chuckle the first time I saw it on a sign out on the street,” said Ray Bradford.
But not everyone likes the suggestive slogan.
“Tasteless,” said John Johnson. “I don’t think it’s funny. I’m conservative, spent 10 years in the Marine Corps. I don’t think that’s funny.”
“Yes, I was offended by it at first, but I realized getting to know Austin and his nightlife, his persona, he’s an artist and when you get to know a person, that probably makes it a little less derogatory,” said Hayley Weiss.
Head admits these signs are just a way to get him “ahead” of the game.
“I would prefer to focus on the issues. There are more important issues to talk about than my last name,” he said. “But truly, if you’re not doing something interesting, then people are going to ignore you.”
Head says 25 signs cost about $1,000.

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