Raspberry Pi and Arduino to get cellular access with SIM card add-on

A new Kickstarter project aims to give Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards Internet access throughout the world with an add-on that allows integration with a SIM card.
SparqEE Cellv1.0 would need to raise $70,000 to get the technology to backers, with donors pledging at least $69 to get the device. SparqEE CEO Christopher Higgins, an engineer, said he plans to take the Kickstarter page live on August 20. For now, it’s viewable in a draft form so that people can provide feedback.
Cellv1.0 consists of a board with a cellular chip, a power supply, and a SIM holder, as well as a “jumper board” that “includes level shifters for whatever voltage levels you’re using (ex. 3.3V, 5V, or other).”
As for getting a SIM card, the Kickstarter suggests taking one out of your phone, purchasing a pre-paid SIM from a retailer, or buying them directly from SparqEE.
“We’ve contracted with a worldwide SIM provider, so SIMs from us are not only the lowest cost you’ll find, but they work anywhere in the world,” the company said. Coverage will come from “AT&T in US, 3G and GSM/GPRS Worldwide.”
Lots of projects involving the Raspberry Pi and Arduino rely on Wi-Fi, so there would be plenty of ways to put the cellular connectivity to use. SparqEE’s project suggestions include an “Arduino-enabled vehicle tracker to know exactly where your car is right from your smartphone,” and a “small, solar-powered, RC helicopter that could fly across the US from the comfort of your desk.”
If the Kickstarter is successful, the company hopes to ship the devices by November.
In the meantime, another add-on that brings 3G and GPS to Raspberry Pi or Arduino is available at Cooking Hacks for €189. There’s also a cellular add-on for Arduino for $99.95.
via Raspberry Pi and Arduino to get cellular access with SIM card add-on

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