Former Gov. Edwin Edwards, 85, and wife, Trina, 34, are parents of baby boy

BATON ROUGE, La. — Former Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards‘ wife, Trina, has given birth to a baby boy.   Edwin is 85 years old; his wife is 34.   A post on Trina Scott Edwards’ Facebook page says the boy was born Thursday at 12:52 a.m.
Also on her Facebook page, it says the boy’s name will probably be Eli Wallace, after her husband’s father.
This will be the third child for Trina and the fifth for Edwin, but it’s the couple’s first together. They’ve been married for two years.
Edwin Edwards served four terms, ending in 1996. He married Trina shortly after his release from federal prison for his role in a bribery


Trina Edwards tracks her pregnancy on Facebook

  1. At 12:52 am, we welcomed a healthy, beautiful baby boy! He weighs 6lbs 3ozs, 19 in long, thanks for all your prayers!
  2. Wow…what a day!! Too tired to sleep and I can’t stop staring at our perfect little boy. I couldn’t possibly be a prouder mommy!
  3. Holy hell and then there’s the epidural! Ain’t nobody trying to be a hero up in here!
  4. Finished breaking my water
  5. Eli’s coming!!!!
  6. And once again with the pain and nausea…will be headed to see the acupuncturist as soon as it’s an appropriate time to dial her cell!!
  7. Trying very hard to gather enough strength to go to dinner with my sweet husband on our anniversary. Poor thing has been trying to take me to dinner every night since I got home. I’m gonna do it bc I love him…that’s the only reason I would leave this house with my hair looking like momma June from season 1…and also to let him know I forgive him for telling me I was “getting heavy in the hips” last night!!
  8. I cant imagine 5 more weeks of this! Edwin asked how much weight I had gained so far (never a good question to ask a girl, but I’m not super sensitive so no biggie) I said “about 35 lbs I think” to which he replied “well you’ll probably lose 25 when you deliver” jeez…talk about pressure and being unrealistic!! Lol
  9. The girl doing the ultrasound just told Edwin when he asked how long she had been doing this that it was her first day on the job, but she stayed at a holiday inn express last night!! Love it!! Lol. Meanwhile Eli weights 5 lbs 13 oz.
  10. I just walked to vending down the hall…first time I’ve walked anywhere pain free for as long as I can remember!! I can barely walk into my own kitchen and that’s right out my bedroom door! Felt amazing!! Oh for the little things!! A couple of people looked a little surprised so see me emerge…but none as much as Edwin. He’s even getting in my bed to play games with me on my iPad! happy happy happy!
  11. We are settled into a room. I’m hooked up to an IV and getting some antibiotics and my pain is under control. I’m feeling much better than I was…not great, but bearable and I’ll gladly take that. Thank you all for the kind messages and prayers…they’re working and I appreciate them and you all very much! Now gonna try to get a little rest…
  12. Meanwhile…Eli received his first pair of shoes in the mail today!
  13. So this may be TMI (sorry in advance), but one of the many things I am suffering from during my pregnancy is bladder spasms. If you’ve never experienced them they are incredibly painful…like drop you to your knees painful…like contractions and labor are for sissies painful! Anyway…I somehow overlooked it and ran out of one of the medications I take for them. I wasn’t sure what to do since it… was Saturday evening at 4 pm and the pharmacy is closed and would be until Monday. Edwin went to Ralph’s on the off chance that the pharmacy stayed open until 5. Unfortunately they were not open so I just accepted the fact that I would have to deal until Monday. About 30 minutes later I got a call on my cell from the pharmacist saying he was at the store and he had my meds…even offered to bring them to our house. I am so blessed and thankful to know so many people (and meet new ones every day) who truly care about others and go out of their way to help when they can. This type of customer service is usually unheard of. This would never have happened with a big corporation and is exactly why I do and will always choose to support my local businesses. So today I am adding the manager at Ralph’s (who got in touch with the pharmacist) and especially the pharmacist (who came in on his off time to help little ol’ irresponsible me) to my list of many blessings! I’ve bragged on Ralph’s and the Good Neighbor Pharmacy before, but I can’t possibly brag on them enough. If you’re not doing business there you should be because THEY. ARE. AWESOME!! Thanks again, guys!!!
  14. 6 1/2 months!!
  15. I never would have imagined that I would buy one son his first truck and have another son’s baby bed assembled in the same day. Big thanks to my 16 year old for a job well done!
  16. Did I seriously get up at 3 AM and inhale a half rack of BBQ ribs? Yes, I did! Did I stand in front of the fridge, door open, and eat them cold…right out of the styrofoam container…in a most unattractive way…with sauce all over my fingers and face? Yes, I did! Am I a little bit ashamed of myself? Nope!!
  17. It’s a boy!!
  18. It’s been a pretty rough week for us. Many of you know already and the rest will probably hear soon since we’ve had to cancel several of our upcoming engagements, but I spent the last week in the hospital with some pretty serious complications. The baby is fine and completely healthy. Edwin and my family and friends along with my doctor’s and the staff at Woman’s Hospital and OLOL have taken very… good care of us both. While things will be a little inconvenient for us all over the next 5 months I’m grateful to have such a wonderful support system and an amazing husband who refused to leave my side through the whole ordeal. God blessed me by allowing me to have a child, but He never promised me it would be easy. I’m more than willing to endure a little pain for such a wonderful reward. I recognize how blessed I am and I will continue to do my best to focus on the positive and not the negative. I’m sure I’ll get lots of questions and that’s ok…not much else I can do from my bed anyway
  19. Baby EWE
  20. A new belly pic for those who asked

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