Is Port Orange PCI Compliant?

Just to clarify, is the $200.00 to $250.00 per month paid to the software company HTE or another company? I also have the following additional questions of the PCI compliance issue:

  1. Is Port Orange PCI Compliant?
    1. If yes, on what date did Port Orange become PCI compliant?
    2. If no, what is the date certain that Port Orange will become PCI compliant?
    3. How many ways does Port Orange accept and process credit/debit cards?
      1. In person with the cardholder and credit card.
      2. Over the telephone?
      3. On the web site:
      4. Others?
      5. Who has maintenance and update control of the credit card processing web page:
        1. Port Orange IT Department?
        2. Port Orange Finance Department?
        3. Third Party?
        4. Is there a person on Port Orange staff who manages and directs web site security and PCI compliance?
          1. Head of Port Orange IT Department?
          2. Head of Port Orange Finance Department?
          3. Other?
          4. On the web page:
            1. Is there adequate security?
            2. Has security been tested?

Mark Schaefer
3606 Donna Street
Port Orange, Florida 32129
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