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Wayne will produce for you any information that CRI provided to Stella. My guess is that this information is simply calculations to support the numbers that were contained in the forensic report but the information will speak for itself.
For the record we understand what CRI and James Moore has requested for us to do to get the City’s financial house in order. I am sorry that you are unable to decipher that from the reports.
As you know both auditing teams worked for and reported directly to the Mayor and City Council. Management assisted them in gathering and providing whatever information they requested. It appeared to me at last night’s Audit and Budget Board meeting both auditors satisfactorily responded to and addressed any questions and/or concerns the Board members had for them.
Greg Kisela
City Manager



The problem with the CRI Forensic report is that if you gave it to the smartest Finance director in the world and told him to go fix the problem he would not know where to start as there are no specifics in that report. Logic and common sense however tells us that for $90,000 there must be some supplemental specifics somewhere AND after last evening’s A&B Board meeting we know there are.
On June 28th 2013 I requested the supplemental information the Manager referenced would be provided by the CRI consultants to make their forensic report of May 24th 2013 something more that a threadbare document.
On July 1st 2013 you responded that you “had not received any additional materials from the auditor”
Last evening the CRI representative stated, in response to Council comments to the effect that her forensic report was threadbare and devoid of specifics and without such specifics that report provided scant guidance, that indeed she had provided additional supplemental information to the City ….specifically to Stella Gurnee.

  • What is going on here ???
  • How could you not be aware of the information your department is receiving ??
  • Is this yet another example of the mis-communication that has typified Finance over the years ??

AND MORE IMPORTANTLY how did Council ( who made clear they wanted hands on contact with CRI ) get bypassed with a report so threadbare that it garnered criticism from the dais ??
AND OF LESSER importance how did that supplemental information required to make that report of any use go — not to the new Finance director, but rather to the Comptroller who along with her staff was at the very center of the forensic investigation to begin with ???
If you have any explanations I would appreciate receiving them.
@ Robin. Would you please provide the supplemental CRI information that is the subject of this e-mail, and ensure all members of the A& B Advisory Board are copied appropriately.
Ted Noftall

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From: Saunders, Wayne []
Sent: Monday, July 01, 2013 9:00 AM
To: Ted Noftall; Fenwick, Robin
Cc: Kisela, Greg; Bob Ford; Kennedy, Dennis;; Drew Bastian; Green, Allen
Subject: RE: Requested information for A&B board
Ted, please see responses to your questions below. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need additional information.
Wayne Saunders
Finance Director

From: Ted Noftall []
Sent: Friday, June 28, 2013 9:44 AM
To: Saunders, Wayne; Fenwick, Robin
Cc: Kisela, Greg; Bob Ford; Kennedy, Dennis;<>; Drew Bastian; Green, Allen
Subject: Requested information for A&B board
A reminder and a couple of requests arising from the A&B meeting earlier this week
*) you or Greg indicated the City had prepared replies to the forensic investigation comments. I hadn’t seen those replies. Could you supply same.
This was sent to all committee members by Robin on 6/21. I have attached another copy.
*) in response to Councilman Fords criticism regarding how sparse the forensic report was, the Manager indicated there was additional data to accompany the forensic investigation beyond the report itself Could you supply that additional data.
I have not received any additional materials from the auditor.
*) several councilman over the years have requested a multi layered budget presentation including balance sheets and akin to that of an onion where-in drill down is possible with each underlay supporting the layer above complete with actual comparative numbers for the proceeding year(s) What can you advise at this time as regards the budget format you will be presenting.
We are currently preparing the budget document for distribution and believe the format will accomplish this.
*) the organizational chart by position, job duties and employee
The organizational chart will be included with the budget presentation. Job descriptions and duties are currently being reviewed and amended as necessary and will be available once completed.
*) the spreadsheet the Mayor had requested as regards prior year audit recommendations and how they were handled.
We are working on this item.
*) the actual details as to how you have rectified those internal control deficiencies that have been taken care off.
We are currently working on the budget to meet the deadlines for distribution and the 7/13 workshop. We plan to present a detailed update on audit response progress to Council at the 7/23 meeting.
Ted Noftall

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