Legalized Larceny by Local Governments

A Simple Premise and A Special Meeting
From: “Ted Noftall” <>
To: “Allen Green” <>
I operate from a simple premise when it comes to government and that is that ‘ it exists to protect the rights of the people ‘ AND ONE of the most important of those rights is to keep what you earn, AND THAT government taking more than is required constitutes nothing more than legalized larceny.
By that measure you were wrong last evening to stifle debate on two matters of great economic impact on the pocket books of taxpayers, UNLESS you can explain how the rights of the People were advanced by your refusal to allow discussion and explanation on the

  • · Secret meetings recently conducted with the YMCA and the secret proposal made at those meetings that will cost taxpayers not less than $ 1.3 million dollars.
  • · Recent payments made into pension plans to the tune of several million dollars IN EXCESS of the required payments determined by the pension plans own actuaries.

I believe these actions to be most uncharacteristic of your commitment to open government and I WOULD URGE YOU TO CALL A SPECIAL MEETING OF COUNCIL TO PROVIDE FULL DISCLOSURE ON THESE TWO MATTERS.
Ted Noftall


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