Another delay for Obamacare: Limits on out-of-pocket costs

ObamacareWe are learning more about the costs of health care under the new law — and many of those who currently pay for their own insurance are in for a big hit.
President Obama is enjoying the mid-point of his Martha’s Vineyard vacation — a world away from the health care debate that is still swirling.
With news of yet another one year delay — this time for the requirement that insurance companies limit out of pocket costs for many customers — adding fuel to the fire.
“The waiver of the employer mandate for one year is so that the employers are able to get their computer systems set so that they can,” said Austan Goolsbee, former Obama Chief Economist on FOX News’ “Hannity.”
Conservative columnist Rush Limbaugh says, “Oh that’s just a smoke screen. It’s to buy off their opposition until the 2014 election.”
The Administration already gave a delay to businesses that won’t be required to provide health insurance for another year now.
The former CEO of Aetna insurance company, Ron Williams, says the delays are not a surprise.
“They’re actually trying to recreate many of the functions that the insurance companies have spent hundreds of years getting good at doing and what they’re going to learn is ‘this is not so easy.”
And now a new study shows that while about half of those who currently purchase their own insurance will ultimately get help from taxpayers — the rest could see huge rate hikes.
While Republicans see it all as evidence of failure, the President’s point person on health care says the law is now inevitable.
“It was passed and signed three years ago, it was upheld by the Supreme Court a year ago, the President was re-elected, this is the law of the land,” said Secretary of Heath and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius.
Well it may be the law of the land, but Congress still has to continue funding it. And this is going to be at the heart of budget and debt-ceiling negotiations as we head into the fall.
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