Waterways Cleanup – Coastal Cleanup

Coastal_HalifaxCleanupmedEach year my family takes part in the International Coastal Cleanup. It’s a great way to get your kids active in helping to care for the planet. Just putting in one hour on that day can make a huge difference. You will be joining millions of people around the world to make a difference.
This year there will be two opportunities to get in on the cleanups. You can choose to either participate in the Halifax River cleanup, or the beach cleanup. My family will be participating in helping to clean up the coast/beach. Why the coast? Because whatever is in the river will eventually make it’s way to the coast. Do you know about the gyres of garbage floating in the ocean yet? Learn more about that here.
So log on here to get your family signed up for the cleanup, which will take place on the morning of September 21, 2013. It’s a small gesture that really adds up! We pick up trash we come across all year long, but I place an emphasis on getting the kids involved in the International Coastal Cleanup so they can be part of something with such a big impact. Last year there were 500,000 people worldwide that participated, picking up some 10 million pounds of trash.
You can read more about the International Coastal Cleanup here.
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