"…Proliferation of Management / Administration Problems that Plague the Fire-Rescue Dept. …"


City Manager Kisela,
I would like to meet with you to discuss the proliferation of management / administration problems that plague the fire-rescue department. I have heard many disturbing rumors about how you are planning to restructure the Port Orange Fire Rescue. As you know from the survey results, rumor, conjecture and lack of communication have been the modus operandi here at POFR, so before my frustration escalates any further, I would like to hear from you directly as to what remedies are going to be implemented to correct these many issues. Since the survey results, there have been no meaningful changes to the operations of fire-rescue and absolutely no change in the inconsistent, uneducated, vindictive management culture that is becoming an ever increasing liability (complete lack of knowledge of fundamental risk management by executive officers just to name one) to Port Orange taxpayers. Myself and many others were very optimistic when the survey was conducted and especially after reviewing the results, but that optimism is waning every day as it seems that status quo is going to continue. Morale was momentarily improved after the release of the survey results, but it is rapidly declining with every day that passes with no improvements.
I would also like to share with you at this meeting the documented cases of harassment I have personally filed against POFR executive management that I now believe should reexamined given the results of the survey that absolutely contradict the original conclusions of the City’s previous investigations.
I hope I am not out-of-line in requesting this meeting. I can accommodate whatever time is most convenient for you. I thank you in advance for your time.
Mark Vroman

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