Spruce Creek Road Flooding

From: “Newton White” <NWhite0@cfl.rr.com>
To: “Greg Kisela” <gkisela@port-orange.org>
floodMr. Kisela,
Thank you for the comprehensive report. It does show some things are in place. The parts of the discussion we had and what I was waiting for follow up on were that our home was built to an elevation well over and according to city standards of the time above Spruce Creek Road and that it’s over pavement has changed the elevation as shown in the survey. The observation Mr. Anderson made is partially correct, however observations during actual rain events are that water is trapped by the excess height of the road and the ditch and pipe system become overwhelmed, as water levels rise down the entire system. There is no problem until the existing pipe under Renner is fully submerged and at capacity, at that point water dramatically accumulates.
Their is no relief, putting Spruce Creek Road back to the elevation it was at when our home was approved by the city would provide a relief. If the road should last another decade or more, I can only hope it is that long before we have a rain event(s), and only ask for when it is done it be corrected to the lower elevation.
Cove and Gailen
I had asked after being told that city crews could not clean the existing storm drains if anyone had verified as the streets there flood. I understand Mr. Anderson’s on site observations as all seems natural. There was intentional filling of a holding area and covering of a drain pipe end, I do not know how or if it was connected but I saw the work being done. The other area nearest my property has filled with debris over the years and was not maintained by former owners, the new owners have no idea and live out of state. Have the residents or HOA be contacted if there was no agreement for cleaning and maintaining the streets and drainage.
Approved at the last council meeting was a grant application to study sewer and drainage in this area that is listed in the CIP. May I contact Ms. Steinebach and discuss with her some of the background and history of the area?
Newton White

From: Anderson, Michael

Sent: Friday, August 16, 2013 11:47 AM
To: Clark, Wayne
Cc: Momberger, Margaret
Subject: Cove Ct.

The following is a summary of my analysis of the drainage concerns brought forward by Newton White.
The structure on his property was built in the lowest spot in that area (see attached contour map – Note:  the datum is NAVD 1988).  His finished floor elevation is set at 11.70, whereas Spruce Creek Road along his property line is set from 11.62 to 11.52, with a higher point in between set at 11.73 (see attached proposed subdivision plan – Note:  the datum is NGVD 1929).
A question was raised regarding the drainage system along Cove Ct. and Gailen Ct. and whether it had been altered over the years.  I have been onsite and visually inspected the area and compared it with as-builts.  It appears as if there has not been filling of ditches or the retention areas on Cove Ct.  In addition, there is a small berm located on the north side of Newton White’s property which would not allow water to enter his site from Cove Ct. nor allow his property to drain towards Cove Ct.
Mr. White has speculated that the elevation of Spruce Creek Road has been raised  due to over paving and is now the same elevation as his house.  The road appears to have been overlaid approximately three to four inches at the intersection of Cove Ct. and Spruce Creek Road without milling; however, this does not appear to affect his drainage.  There is a ditch between the road and his property.  The west top of bank of the ditch is much higher (it looks more like a berm) than his property and Spruce Creek Road.  All runoff generated from Spruce Creek Road appears to drain to the ditch.  There is a low spot in the berm approximately 100 feet north of Renner Road, which could possibly allow his property to drain when water is staging on his property when the ditch is low or vice versa allowing the ditch to flow into his property when it is staged higher than his property.  However, this condition would be controlled hydraulically by the rain event occurring at the time.
Spruce Creek Road doesn’t need to be resurfaced at this time. It is in good shape and appears to have about 10-15 years of life still available.  Moving this road up in the schedule is not justified unless there is a failure in the road.  Public Works has confirmed that this is consistent with their analysis as well.
I have consulted with FEMA and because Newton’s property is located in the FIRM Zone X, he has the opportunity to dry flood proof his home in order to mitigate future damage caused by flooding.  There are FEMA publications available online to the public related to flood proofing structures that he may reference if he chooses to flood proof his home.
Let me know if there are any questions or if additional information is requested.
Michael R. Anderson, P.E., CFM
City of Port Orange
Civil Engineer
Community Development Department
1000 City Center Circle
Port Orange, FL 32129
Phone (386) 506-5665
Fax (386) 506-5699

e-mail of 6/18/2013

I just wanted to sum up what we talked about with the drainage and flooding issues in the basin around my home. You and the public works department believe that our home is safe baring an extraordinary event. Thus I should feel confident making home improvements or investing in up quality roof, AC etc. when the time comes.
Everyone is knowledgeable that drains, ditches and pipes must be clear maintained. That during an event that 2 pumps must be used to pump water to the creek and transfer from this drainage system to that pump.
Our home was built to city standards including being built at an elevation above the crown of spruce creek road, and according to a more recent survey spruce creek road is no longer lower than our living room floor. You and I agree that this is likely due to overpaving of the road. You indicated that it would be addressed, to lower the roadway. That would provide a failsafe pathway for water in the future.
We spoke about Cove court and you were going to find out about utility easements and weather the city has right to maintain their storm drain that I believe is blocked. It was also discussed that if no easement exists that permission or right of way may be obtained. Their street floods frequently and that water is part of the accumulation not making the drainage
I still do not believe that making any future development or redevelopment of properties in the 55 acre basin create individual retention will by its self mitigate flooding risks for us or anybody. Once that retention is full it flows over as does the drainage at sun lake and golden pond and the under road pipes can only flow so much. That is why we have flooded here at a higher elevation than downstream locations nearer the outfall into spruce creek. Eventually additional or larger pipes and permanent automatic pumping stations should be installed.

Thank You for the meeting,
Newton White

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