Is It a Good Cop; Bad Cop Scam at the City Council? …

Constance Dogood <
8:49 AM

Allen_Green ” Let’s Meet Every 2 Weeks ?”

 Last Tuesday’s special presentation by the Riverwalk Promoter was a good cop bad cop SCAM  on both the Counsel and taxpayers  of Port Orange.
The bad cop part of that presentation was  – if the city does not give the promoter the subsidies and concessions he wants  he  will build something really ugly !
That threat is a scam pure and simple because  those ugly 17 story condominium towers all 3 of them will never be built.  They will never be built because they will never be financed and they will never be financed because they could never be sold.   Ditto for the 100 slip expansion at the closed marina which would require major and ongoing dredging unless they are going to be rented to stand up paddle boarders .
The good cop eye candy part of the  well choreographed  presentation was – the  promoters promise that  “a  better deal could be had “    And on that score he is correct .
This  deal would be much better for the promoter indeed   if Counsel were so foolhardy as  to further relax zoning requirements and place taxpayers on the hook to subsidize the  parking, water retention and utility resizing that will be  required for any development on this site …….. other than a passive park which is what taxpayers have desired all along.
Why successive Counsels have played patty cake with this promoter for a decade or more  to the financial detriment of Port Orange taxpayers is a mystery,  and the  Mayor’s directive  that Counsel    “ meet  every 2 weeks until we get this [ Buddys deal ]  done “   only adds to that curiosity.
Constance Dogood

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