Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty


from:  Ted Noftall <>
to:  Mayor Green <>

By and large you  perform  admirably  every Tuesday evening as the ring master of the circus that is Port Orange government.
I test your   commitment to the 1st amendment on a regular basis and would guess few test it more,  and I would tell anyone your  commitment is genuine.
I also believe you recognize  as few others can recognize that the peoples blind trust their elected representatives,  and the elected representatives blind trust in the Manager and his staff has been a disaster for Port Orange, and that if we had had the  UNRELENTING CITIZEN ACTIVISM   years ago that we have today the abuses that have come to light over the past year or so would not have occurred.
That being said  you must have been  un-characteristically  distracted at last evening’s Counsel meeting  in not allowing me to finish my  inquiry into the likely foolish pop psychology counseling   that has served to mask serious personnel deficiencies in the finance department going back to at least 2006.   A  you well know a dysfunctional finance department  cost taxpayers millions of dollars over that period,  and for that price taxpayers  have every right to a complete understanding regarding this matter.
Accordingly I would urge  you to instruct your Manager to supplement his  Memorandum  and disclose the exact nature of the personnel deficiencies in the finance department these expenditures,  which exceed $20,000 in just the last 2 years,  are trying to address.

Ted Noftall


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