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Ted Noftall
Aug 22 (1 day ago)

to Robin, Margaret
 TedNoftallGood afternoon Robin and Margaret,
The attached memorandum references 3 CBE grants in the amounts of $2,440    $ 5,782  and $3,216.  I believe I have the grant application for the  $5,782  and would request that you provide the grant applications for the $2,440  and the $3,216.
As City ordinance requires that all grant applications  and grant acceptances be approved by Council please advise  on which agendas  these approvals took place.
If these grants were not approved by Council then by whom were they approved,  and what approval process was followed including  representations  given and  criteria alleged to be met. 
 Thank you
Ted Noftall

From: Ted Noftall []

Sent: Tuesday, August 13, 2013 8:11 AM
To: Bob Ford (
Cc: ‘Kisela, Greg’; Dennis Kennedy (;; Drew Bastian (; Mayor Green (
Subject: Is Finance Now Therapy Central ???
Councilman Ford,
The attachments portray a very troubling picture of the department in charge of the City’s finances,  AND an equally troubling picture of a  Counsel that is repeatedly  having the wool pulled over their eyes.
I have asked you on several occasions to give me an honest assessment as to what is going on in Finance and all I have gotten is happy horse feathers.  I have asked you if reported excessive counseling and training  complete with pre-work  and post work  activities might be an explanation as to Finances’ apparent inability to produce anything on a timely basis including a revised budget and personnel projections a month after the  July 13th budget hearing was held,  AND  YOU  advised that you knew nothing of such counseling activities.   Well guess what ……. Whether you knew about them or not ……. you  approved them  at the November 13,  2012 council meeting.
You have done the people a dis-service by misleading them  as you did.
This series of events in the attachments are  troubling for several reasons.

  • 1)  Meaningful information about actual happenings on which Counsel is voting is not being conveyed from staff to Counsel.
  • 2)  The  Nov 13, 2012  appropriation for whatever the heck services  are being provided  was presented by the then acting CFO and current Comptroller who is benefiting personally from those services.
  • 3)  The attached 2012 e-mail from HR references an  “ stressed employee with emotional challenges requesting counseling ”.  Was this person who just so happens to be in charge of the City’s finances adequately treated by any mental health professional.
  • 4)  IS THE  person to whom that counseling request e-mail was directed a licensed  mental health professional  in the State of Florida,  AND  if not,  has the  City been  placed in any legal jeopardy as a result of these  referrals to an un-licensed therapist.  ??
  • 5)  The attached HR e-mails from 2011 reference a request for “ follow-up counseling”   Exactly how much “ counseling” has Finance personnel received and what is the exact nature of that counseling,  AND PLEASE  do not even bother to suggest it is some type of “ leadership”  when your own HR department has repeatedly been calling it “counseling”.
  • 6)  The CBE grant application noting “job creation”  as its basis could only be considered non-fraudulent if viewed in the most gentle of light.
  • 7)  Who approved the April 11th  $7,200 proposal for additional  “whatever”,  AND who decided to portray it as a change to a 2012 Purchase order ??

And finally Bob can we please get  and an honest assessment and not just the Manager’s  assurance,  regarding  both the abilities and the problems with Finance personnel that have been masked over on at least 4 occasions now to the financial  detriment of taxpayers that goes well into the millions.
While I had hoped  these sorts of shenanigans were going to end with the  former Manager and his CFO  they have not,  AND  we are now faced with the very real possibility that we have a super secretive  Manager whose natural tendency is to not release  any information anyway,  feeding of a  dis-functional Finance department that is incapable of producing anything on a timely basis.  ……  Something tells me this is not going to end well.



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