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GregKisela To all:
The below updates are intended to provide the status of several issues that City staff is or has been working on over the past week or so.  If you have any questions please call so we can provide additional information:
 Finance: We are scheduled to convert to Pinnacle from Pride for our utility billing system on September 4th.  We have received four (4) responses to the study to consolidate and updating our utility rate tables and are scheduling the review committee to shorten the list to three (3) firms so the City Council can make the final selection.  The conversion to an electronic payroll system for Police and Fire is taking longer than expected as our current system is not compatible for their shifts.  We have distribute the FY 2014 budget.  If you have any questions please call so we can schedule a meeting to discuss.
Public Works: The vehicle auction last Wednesday,  August 14th, netted approximately $155K to the City.  We sold one of the fire trucks and will sell the remainder at a future auction.
Public Utilities: We have contacted a water and sewer engineering firm to do a peer review of the City’s reclaimed water system. In-house water meter change-outs continues but progress slowed by rain and leaks. We are meeting with County staff the week of September 2nd to hopefully resolve the fly-in meter issue.  Mediation on the Daytona Beach Shores billing issue is scheduled for the week of September 9th.  We are advertising the contract to purchase the property north of Fire Station 71 next week.  This will be scheduled for consideration in early October once the statutory time requirements have been met.
Fire: The a/c replacement at Fire Station 74 is proceeding nicely.  Once Fire Station 74 is completed we will proceed to 72. The new ERV vehicle for Fire has been delivered.
Community Development: We are finalizing the acceptance of Yorktowne Blvd.  as a precursor to issuing the certificate of occupancy for the new BJ’s.  BJ’s is tentatively set to open the gas station on August 29th with the store expected to open late September.  Assuming we receive the survey, release of liens and mortgage for the new Yorktown right-of-way today than Yorktowne will be opened on August 29th.  If we don’t receive the necessary documents today than Yorktowne will open after September 3rd  as a result of maintenance of traffic restrictions from the County and State. We are working on the public information plan for the road opening.  The construction of the new sidewalks on Herbert Street near the Silver Sands Middle School will start next week. Temporary access is being provided to assist the children in going to and from school during construction.
If you have any questions on any of these issues please call.
Greg Kisela
City Manager

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