Did The City Permits Help Cause The Flooding Problem ?

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From: patriciacheri46 <patriciacheri46@aol.com> Date: 08/24/2013 3:50 PM (GMT-05:00)
To: manderson@port-orange.org,gkisela@port-oraange.org,wclark@port-orange.org
Subject: Storm water run off at 5747 sweetwater blvd  Port Orange
floodMr. Anderson we would like to voice our opinion about your visit concerning our water problem. All you had to say is”how well do you know your neighbors” ask them for a swell that is what you need. This is the second time the City of port orange has allowed neighbors to bring in 5 or more loads of fill causing us a water problem. (1995 at 5743 sweetwater & 5751 sweetwater) We have pictures of both events.
The city has given permits to 5751 for fill, fences and a huge two story building with a concrete slab. This building is big enough to house two huge RV ‘s. We have a friend that a contractor and does work in Ormond and Daytona. He looked at the building and said a swell should have been included in the permit. He told us to call code enforcement which caused a problem for our neighbors because they did not have a permit for a concrete slab in front of the two entrances to the building.
We have lived in Port Orange for over thirty five years much longer than any of our neighbors. We have paid lots of taxes over the years. Our contractor friend said common law states that you can’t divert your water to someone else’s property. Our question is how storm water management and code enforcement can give permits without evaluating the consequences to the adjoining property.
Your comments were very clear that it’s not your problem even though you issued the permits. Please take a better look at this problem. We are to old to continue cleaning yard trash and pumping out of our hot tub and grill patio.

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  • August 27, 2013 at 1:13 pm

    This is a problem that is occurring in many parts of the City. With much of the City low lying and level, changes in the grade on adjoining properties often leads to ponding on neighboring properties. In addition, swales and drainage ditches are either being purposely or accidentally filled in. This has also contributed to drainage problem. Community Development when it issues permits given the continuing problems we are confronting needs to pay more attention to the implications of each project for drainage.


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