Volusia TPO Board – Proposed Port Orange I-95 Pioneer interchange

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To: Nancy Long
Subject: 8/28/2013 VTPO Board – proposed Pioneer interchange @ I95 Port Orange
 Dear TPO Board Member,
I-95I have attached a map which I distributed at last weeks CAC and TCC meetings. It shows the proximity of Spruce Creek Preserve to the Pioneer Community Development District, CDD, which straddles I-95.
The proposed Pioneer Trail interchange site is entirely located within the Pioneer CDD.
More than 10 years ago, the owners of the Stanaki Planned Unit Development, PUD, agreed to participate in the Volusia/Florida Forever program. Approximately 475 acres east of I-95 were ‘A’ listed within the Spruce Creek Project boundary.
ICI bought the approved Stanaki PUD. The Pioneer CDD was established as a taxing district on the property. The State of Florida granted PCDD taxing authority, and the right to issue tax-exempt bonds in the amount of $52.5 mil.
Then came the ICI agreement in which the County agreed to reimburse ICI for the cost of a 4 lane extension of Williamson Blvd to Pioneer Trail entirely within the CDD where there are no homes and no other development is served.
The dotted line east of I-95 is the 225 acres already acquired from Pioneer CDD as an addition to the Preserve. The Public paid $2 million more than the FDEP or Volusia County appraisals conducted before the establishment  of the Pioneer CDD. This was to have included the development rights on the 225 acres acquired. Since then, Port Orange has transferred these development rights back to this seller. 30 acres of commercial was increased to 70 acres along with an increase in the number of dwelling units. The Woodhaven Comp Plan Amendment to further increase densities is scheduled for next month in Port Orange. This is in anticipation of the TPO Board granting access to state and federal funds for an interchange at Pioneer Trail.
These actions taken by elected officials continue to make it more expensive and difficult to protect Spruce Creek and to finish acquisition efforts within the Spruce Creek watershed. The dramatic increases in density handed out and contemplated spell out the destruction of existing transportation infrastructure and the mature community of Turnbull Bay. It is an unwarranted taking from the public and should be viewed with trepidation.
The Pioneer CDD is entitled to the zoning it purchased, so are the residents of Turnbull Bay. Compatibility is a component of the comp plans of both Volusia County and Port Orange. This interchange is most definitely not compatible.
Friends of Spruce Creek Preserve’s vision is the same as always, the acquisition of the remaining 250 acres east of I-95 as an addition to the Preserve. ICI says they are willing sellers. ICI would be a lot more willing if they weren’t getting an interchange.
Lorelle Friend
2929 Turnbull Bay Road
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168

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One thought on “Volusia TPO Board – Proposed Port Orange I-95 Pioneer interchange

  • August 28, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    To all:
    The TPO approved this morning the addition of the Pioneer Trail/I-95 Interchange to the 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan. I believe the weighted vote was approximately 85% to 15%. Councilman Ford expressed his concerns and voted the majority interest of the City Council. I understand the next steps are to perform an Interchange Justification Report. Assuming the interchange is justified, than the next step is an ETDM (environmental screening). Assuming the screening is acceptable than a formal PD&E review would be conducted. Public involvement is a part of all of these steps.
    Any questions, please call.
    Greg Kisela
    City Manager


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