Shark bites 17-year-old on shoulder at Ormond Beach

A Volusia County teenager spending Labor Day at Ormond Beach was rushed to a nearby hospital after he was bitten by a shark.
Lifeguards said the 17-year-old, from Daytona Beach, was bitten on his right shoulder.
Volusia County Beach Safety said the teen’s injuries were not serious, but he was taken to the hospital as a precaution. The teen was conscious and walking around after the bite.
According to Volusia County Beach Safety Deputy Chief Scott Petersohn, the teen was waist-deep in the water when the shark bit him.
“And then, out of the blue, he felt something running into him. He stated to one of our guards that it knocked him over,” said Petersohn. “He never saw what got him, but from the wounds and everything, it appears to be an encounter with a shark.”
Tim Phillips, of Ocala, sent in photos of emergency workers treating the teen. Most witnesses who saw the shark bite said it looked like the boy had a deep wound.
“He was bleeding on his shoulder. He wasn’t crying or anything,” said Phillips. “It didn’t look serious, like real bad, but then again, when something happens like that, you get a lot of adrenaline pumping.”
“He had a big chunk of skin missing from his shoulder,” said Alexander Filipovski, a surfer who saw the teen’s wound, adding: “He seemed pretty calm.”
Filipovski, as well as other surfers at Ormond Beach on Monday, said they saw sharks jumping out of the water minutes before the teen was bitten.
Petersohn said there were a lot of bait fish in the water at the time, and the teen’s bite was the case of mistaken identity.
“You got to remember these sharks, when they’re in the murky water, they’re chasing these bait fish around,” Petersohn explained. “And if you’re standing in the way, they will bite you.”
Petersohn said Monday’s incident was the fifth shark bite of the year in Volusia County. None of those five shark bites were serious, he added.
Since surfers saw the shark flying out of the water, Petersohn said it was likely a spinner shark that bit the teen. Spinner sharks can grow to about five to six feet long.
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