Does County Propose A Flawed Agreement with Bright House Networks for Library Services?

volusiaFrom: Mark Schaefer []
Sent: Saturday, September 07, 2013 9:00 AM
To: Jason Davis; Bernice Wendland
Cc: Deb Denys; Deb Denys; Doug Daniels; James T. Dinneen; Jason Davis; Joshua Wagner; Joyce Cusack; Pat Patterson; Patricia Northey
Subject: Extension of agreement with Bright House Networks

Chairman Davis and County Council,
I object to Item number 13 on the September 12th agenda, Extension of agreement with Bright House Networks for library services.  I am requesting a copy of the written documentation on how Bright House was determined to be the “sole source”.
We have other internet service providers in our area.  For example, Windsteam has an office in Daytona Beach.  Windstream is one of the top twenty internet providers nationally with over $6 billion in annual revenues.  I contacted their office yesterday.  To my knowledge their local representative, John Mosier, has never been contacted by Volusia County regarding Library internet services.
Internet costs have dropped substantial and technology has improved since the contract was first awarded to Bright House in 2006.  This item totally over $150,000 annually should have been put out as an advertised bid.
County council, please vote to send this back to staff and have the County staff follow the proper procedures for sending this out for competitive bids.
Mark Schaefer
Precinct 709
3606 Donna Street
Port Orange, Florida 32129

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