Can You Spell Football Stadium ?????

Constance Dogood <>
8:16 PM

to me, Hank
 moneyPort Orange taxpayers now  understand  why Councilman Burnette said Tuesday evening that this would be the last year for  low taxes in Port Orange.  Boy do they understand.

Seems like Tax-hike Don  does not think it fair that other Cities and the County  are raising their millage rates 10%  to 25 % and Port Orange is not.

That is all about to change …. if you can spell  FOOTBALL STADIUM  and  add to 8 or 9 million dollars that it will take to build and operate.

With votes coming on $ millions for ball and soccer fields  and $ millions more for the Golf course and YMCA  are we about to discover we have had a  tax and spend liberal  hiding out  in MBA clothing these past few years ?????


Constance Dogood

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