The Ghost of the Former Rogue Public Works Director Returns.

warrenPikeTuffTurf   … Mr. Pike proclaimed. ‘I will cut your throats before I fire another one of my employees’ ….

” It was clear that Mr. Pike was making reference to the fear that private contract vendors could provide landscaping service cheaper than the City could do them in house, which could ultimately result in the layoffs of Public Works employees ……”

“… I attempted to discuss this problem rationally with Mr. Pike and his response was  ‘I don’t care. ….’

 “… I decided to speak up and address the City Council directly in regards to this obvious and blatant breakdown in the process of fair bidding and awarding of contracts by the city …”


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4 thoughts on “The Ghost of the Former Rogue Public Works Director Returns.

  • September 9, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    Memo to Port Orange City Council from Hank Springer:
    Gentlemen, the communication sent to you by Tuff Turf rings of reality with details.
    Many of Tuff Turf’s problems fulfilling the terms of a contract with the city of Port Orange seem to be ripe with
    City arrogance approaching the limits of stinking.
    Can it be true that Tuff Turf was promised clarification from the city on some issues, since June 2013, and as September 2013 that clarification has not been provided? Is it so hard to communicate clearly, honestly and timely?
    I urge the city council to provide explanations or answers to what Tuff Turf suggests.
    I am especially concerned of what Tuff Turf alleges happened to his contract in the CRA area of LaCour’s Riverwalk Park.
    Let me say at this time, that because of the city’s transactions in this CRA area, I am convinced that CRAs are a diabolical device to reward developers and provide a lot of room for thwarting the publics’ interest.
    A lame response to Tuff Turf’s allegations from the Port Orange City Council is expected by me.
    Sincerely – hank springer

  • September 9, 2013 at 7:56 pm

    I find some components of the attached letter from John Cheney of “Tuff Turf” to be quite disturbing. Allegations of intimidation of our vendors are, needless to say, a very serious matter and not to be tolerated if found to be true. I would like to have mowing contracts and a status update added to the agenda next week for council discussion. In the mean time could you find out as much as you can about this in the meantime? I know the point of view of the letter writer has to be considered, but I think you would agree that if true, treating our vendors poorly and using intimidation tactics have too many long-term negative repercussions to obtain some short-term gain. And its just plain wrong.
    The other issues of quality and cost of median upkeep will also need to be discussed, but separately from the allegations.
    Seprately, there is a rumor that GlennCoe is going to be contracted to pickup for Tuff Turf’s cancelled contract. I do not know the exact dates, but I believe that in the fall of 2011, council disqualified them on an immediate basis for a bid, because it was revealed to council that they operated as a vendor the city without the property liability insurance, leaving us quite exposed. Council was quite clear at the time about how they felt about it. I wasn’t sure if you had that info as you were not with us at the time. Could you look into this rumor as well and report back?
    I know we need to get our grass cut, but I am sure we don’t want to do it at the cost of taking shortcuts that we just can’t afford to take.
    I appreciate you looking into this.
    Don Burnette, mba
    Vice Mayor, City of Port Orange
    “Celebrating our Centenial, 100 years of Port Orange!”

  • September 10, 2013 at 3:33 pm

    I have to agree with Don that several of these allegations are disturbing and will require a thorough looking into. Obviously this supports the continuing requests by council to improve the maintenance of our medians. Please have Mary follow up on this as quickly as possible, I look forward to her report and your findings on this.

  • September 14, 2013 at 3:36 pm

    Speaking of former directors. What about the investigation on the former utilities director. Is it being whitewashed. Why did the state attorney turn the investigation over to POPD. No case? It is common knowledge throughout the utilities department that documents in the case disappeared at the hands of a couple administrative employees.
    The interim director has knowledge of this and heard them admit to it in front of witnesses. Maybe they will get a raise or a promotion. The major problems in the city has been and still is management and council does not help, they just keep making the same mistakes. Nothing has changed for the better it has just got worse. Talk to the employees if you want the truth.
    Utilities administration is a joke. It is staffed with unqualified personnel. Yes men and lackeys, except for the office assistants. When the city hires managers and directors they should do a better job of checking their employment backgrounds. A couple of easy internet searches and you would find some interesting things like I and others have found. You’ll be sorry or should I say we will all be sorry.


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