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Mowing Contract? September 10, 2013 9:06 AM
“Bob Ford” <>
To: “Greg Kisela” <>

frustration2Yesterday evening, I found out that the City is providing an interim mowing contract to a company recently terminated by the City for a violation of their previous contract (maintain insurance). This is an important violation since it places the City taxpayers at risk for potential financial damages from lawsuits.
What type of message are we sending to vendors? I am distressed by this decision.
Bob Ford

Don: Last week I authorized Public Works to contract with Glencoe for a thirty (30) day period for the month of September.  I have also authorized an additional solicitation for the next sixty (60) day period. This contract and bid would provide a bridge until December 1st when we plan to recommend a contractor under a separate request for proposal. I have been assured that Glencoe has the necessary insurance to work for the City over the next thirty (30) days.
I have tasked Mary Anderson to provide a report in response to the letter.   The letter contains many issues. Some of these issues are straightforward but some of them are more complicated.  We can give an interim report on the 17th but it maybe the 24th before we have the answers to all of the issues raised.
Greg Kisela
City Manager
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