Are Port Orange Residents About to be Spoon-feed Another Fake Investigation?

 City Council

From Palmetto Pal:

If we had not seen all this before Councilman Burnette and Kennedy’s   request for a “report “ might actually pass the sniff test, but that is not the case  and not unexpendently   neither of them  made  clear why they were  requesting  that a  ‘ report”  be provided ??

Is it  more or less likely that they  need  to  been seen as  concerned, and doing something,  and  another new  fake investigation will provide them with some  political cover ??

Or is it   because they suddenly believe that government employees need to be held accountable for their actions , and that  there has to be consequences for those actions ??

Their requests for a report should  make that perfectly clear and it does not.

If what  Tuff Turf  has alleged is true and it is and more besides   then  immediate dismissals in purchasing and public works  need to be forthcoming, and the essence  of what Tuff Turf has said is that they have  a Mow, Blow and GO contract,  and that  others  are  responsible  for Spraying,  Fertilization  and  Irrigation.

The only thing they should be calling on the Manager to report  are the names of the departed,  and a believable  plan for straightening out yet more dysfunction in his operation.



Hank Springer to City Manager of Port Orange:

Regarding Tuff Turf issues:


The allegations don’t seem complicated to me.

Perhaps finding a way to explain this all, and have it accepted by the public is difficult,

and thus induced complexity might be the way to escape the serious issues and once again hold no one accountable.

— hank springer




I believe you are making a very serious allegation.….far more serious indeed,  than those made by Tuff Turf.

You seem to be saying that Tuff Turfs allegations which  are not complicated at all,  are likely to be juiced and jazzed by the Manager and his Public Works director to where no one will be able to explain anything, be held  accountable or responsible for anything,  and most important of all not suffer any consequences for anything  right under noses of a concerned counsel,   wink wink   ………

EXACTLY LIKE  HAPPENED  with the shredding incident,  And  the hiring of temporary finance staff from the son of the Auditor,   AND  the payroll fraud misunderstanding,   AND  THE  CURRENT  scandal of pop physiology counseling in the Finance department costing tens of thousands of tax payer dollars by unlicensed mental health hacks   complete with unauthorized grants acceptances that were based on unauthorized grant applications that on their face appear questionable if not outright fraudulent.

Have I pretty much understood what you said ????

Ted Noftall




One thought on “Are Port Orange Residents About to be Spoon-feed Another Fake Investigation?

  • September 10, 2013 at 3:40 pm

    Last week I authorized Public Works to contract with Glencoe for a thirty (30) day period for the month of September. I have also authorized an additional solicitation for the next sixty (60) day period. This contract and bid would provide a bridge until December 1st when we plan to recommend a contractor under a separate request for proposal. I have been assured that Glencoe has the necessary insurance to work for the City over the next thirty (30) days.
    I have tasked Mary Anderson to provide a report in response to the letter. The letter contains many issues. Some of these issues are straightforward but some of them are more complicated. We can give an interim report on the 17th but it maybe the 24th before we have the answers to all of the issues raised.
    Greg Kisela
    City Manager
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