Does Port Orange need a City Council and Mayor?

Resident says:

Here we go again. Why does Port Orange need a City Council and Mayor? The previous manager railroaded the taxpayers for millions and gave himself and the responsible parties a nice padded retirement. Council didn’t like it but had no say it was the Managers call.
The new City manager lets the former Public Utility Director resign with retirement and then tells council he granted himself and others fraudulent time to the tune of a quarter million dollars. Council doesn’t like it but again not their call. Now the mowing issues. Will we once again find that Council has no say? The allegations are serious if they are indeed facts.
It appears the new Manager has picked up right where the old one left off. There seems to be a vision disconnect between our Council and Managers. It is shameful for this type of behavior to continue. It is time for City Council to get a grip and operate this City in a responsible fashion. That is what they were elected to do.

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