Should the FEDS Get Involved Under the RICO Act ?

 Submitted on 2013/09/15 at 4:23 pm

fbi-agents-newAs much as I like this website unfortunately the average Port Orange citizen is not reading what is on here. This is a bedroom community of 57,000 people that do not obsess about city politics. When they get home from work or golfing or whatever they watch Dancing with Stars or the Discovery Channel. They do not watch POG TV or read the political blogs. If they did, they would be sick with all of this nonsense. The only ones that obsess about this stuff are a handful of political activists that repeatedly appear on POG TV pursuing their own special political interests and falsely representing that they actually have a constituency among the citizens of Port Orange.

Someone from Channel nine news needs to do an investigative report on this. Maybe the FEDS need to get involved under the RICO Act and clean this stuff out. Then maybe the citizens of Port Orange will have an honest city administration and the employees of the city will have a good team atmosphere to do their work and serve the citizens from instead of a hostile work environment perpetuated by this current administration.

I am fully convinced that the problem is at the highest administrative level in the city and complacency from city officials.

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